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Tax Return Information

Partnership Information

Mailing Address

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Filing Information

Accounting Method

Fiscal Year

Partner Information

Partner 1

Mailing Address

Partner 2

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Partner 3

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Partner 4

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Partner Transactions

Partner 1

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Other Income

Business Income from Other States

If the partnership conducted business in more than one state, please apportion income by state.

State 1 Apportionment

State 2 Apportionment

State 3 Apportionment

State 4 Apportionment

Cost of Goods Sold

Business Expenses

Asset Depreciation

Please upload a list of all assets that were purchased or disposed of during the year. Include a decription of the asset, the date purchased or disposed of, as well as the purchase or sales price.


Travel Destinations

Please upload a list of all business travel destinations, including the city visited and the number of days in the city, so that per diem rates can be calculated.

Travel Expenses

Other Tax Information

U.S. Manufacturing Activity

If the partnership manufactured a product in the U.S., please upload details including gross receipts from the product, cost of domestically produced goods, direct and indirect expenses/deductions/losses attibutable to the product, and wages paid for the year.

Business Use of Automobile

Automobile Use by Partners

Please upload a document containing the following information for each vehicle used by a partner of the business:

  • Purchase price of the vehicle
  • Make and year of the vehicle
  • Date first used in the business
  • Business miles driven this year
  • Commuting miles driven this year
  • Personal-use miles driven this year
  • Interest paid on loan to purchase vehicle
  • Was the vehicle available for personal use?
  • Was the vehicle used primarily by a partner of the business?
  • Is another personal-use auto available to the partner?
  • Was the standard mileage rate used last year?

Automobile Expenses

Interest and Dividend Income

Please attach copies of all interest and dividend statments below, under “Other Tax Document Uploads”.

Partnership Foreign Accounts

Sale of Stock, Real Estate, and Other Property

Property 1

Property 2

Property 3

Property 4

Balance Sheet

Assets at End of Year

Debts and Equity at End of Year

Other Tax Document Uploads

Please attach additional documents below. If you received an electronic document from the issuer, please upload it. If you received a paper document, please scan the document or take a photograph of the document with your smartphone. Make sure the entire page can be read. If the document has multiple pages, please upload it as a pdf.

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